Frequently Asked Questions

Is Electricity available on vendor spacs?
Electrical outlets are available at each of the covered spaces. The outlets will support light use such as fans, lights, and radios.
There are no outlets available on the outside spaces. Random outlets are available along "Main Street."

What size are the spaces?
The outside spaces are 12' x 25'. Covered spaces are 10' x 20'.

When do the gates open?
Gates are open:
Thursday, March 30th, from 10A.M. until 7P.M.
Friday March 31st, and Saturday April 1st from 7:00A.M until 7:00P.M.

What do the spaces cost?
Vendor registration information

Are the outside spaces paved?
The outside spaces along Main Street are paved. Most of the other outside spaces have a gravel base. Over the years,
the grass has grown over the top of the gravel in some places, but the base is firm in most areas.

Can I reserve the spaces that I am currently in for next year's Swap Meet?
The spaces that you occupy this year may be reserved for next year, on the last day of the Swap Meet. The spaces will be available to you until December 31st of this year. After December 31st, the spaces go back into the general pool for anyone to reserve.